Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thesaurus Thursday (Sort Of).

Hey everyone.  There is no real Thesaurus Thursday this week, because I was working on a post that has been very difficult to write just because I'm getting so emotionally involved in it, and I completely forgot to pick out a good word.  It is about the types of comments that I would prefer never, ever, ever to see again on internet threads.  And writing it, as you can imagine, makes me a bit frustrated.

I suppose a good word for the day, even if it isn't particularly interesting, should be "nice" as in "be nice on the internet, or I will slap you with a wet noodle!"

The post should be up this weekend.

The Absurd Curvy Nerd


The bad news: I haven't been feeling too well, so what with that and Father's Day and a lot of other stuff going on, the next post will probably be up closer to Tuesday.  Also, one day I might actually remember that Thursdays come between Wednesdays and Fridays.

The good news: I am finally going to purchase a steel-boned underbust corset-- I fall in love with corsets easily but have always gotten cold feet before buying-- and I might have to do a brief (gulp) review about the process and the actual corset when that happens.  I say (gulp) because it's new territory for me, and it might even make me come out of my shell and post a couple pictures!

I actually like my face but would probably leave it out on a public page.  You can just picture my face looking like this:


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