Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thesaurus Thursday: "Ameliorate" + Blog Notes.

Today's word is "ameliorate," a verb meaning to improve, make better, or amend.

Many people suggest eating chicken noodle soup to ameliorate the symptoms of a cold.

Just remember: Amelia Bedelia could ameliorate everything with pie.

Blog Notes:

I have some general updates about future posts. I bought my first corset slightly over a week ago, and I'm writing a post more about the process and body image issues when purchasing such specialty clothing items than a true "review" of the corset; it should be posted this weekend.

I also bought a Curvy Kate bikini, and I'm considering doing an actual review of that in a Bra Edition of Thesaurus Thursday next week, assuming it has arrived by then and is anywhere close to the correct size.  There are many great reviews of Curvy Kate swimwear out there- though none of this particular bikini that I could find- but I know how much I appreciate it when a full bust blogger posts a review of anything I'm considering shelling out a good chunk of money for online.*  I don't intend this to become a full bust/curvy clothing blog, because there are already so many wonderful ones at out there (see sidebar for just a few!), but how would everyone feel about the occasional** review?

*Yes, I know return policies exist.  I usually resell items instead of returning, because I dread returns.  I can deal with spiders better than I can deal with returns, and I really don't like spiders.  I know; I have issues.

**Probably no more than once every 3 months or so, if that.  I love clothes/bras/swimwear, but I just don't buy them that often, and as I mentioned, that will never be a main focus of this blog.  Unless someone comes out with full-bust-friendly versions of any of these.  

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