Friday, June 21, 2013

Thesaurus Thursday: "Quandary."

I remembered that Thursdays exist this week... I opened my laptop, prepared to write a Thesaurus Thursday post... and BOOM, no internet.  We don't know what happened to it; we have to have a technician come and look.  So a regular post might not be forthcoming this weekend, and that is why yet another Thesaurus Thursday is brought to you on Friday from a coffee shop.  A post definitely will be out the weekend after that.  I'm going to review my corset!  In the meantime, the word for today is "quandary," a noun meaning predicament, bind, or a perplexity about what to do in a difficult situation.

When we lost our internet connection, I was in a quandary, because I didn't know how to get a blog post done; luckily most places have free wi-fi!


Have a great weekend everyone!

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