Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Apples to Oranges: Tired of the Squabbling.

Mr. Nerd dislikes Apple.  He doesn't like how much their products cost, specific things about their operating system, their marketing techniques, what he calls their "sue-happy" business model, or that you have to jailbreak their phones to unlock them.

Another person I know loves Apple.  She says their products are easy to use, good for photo and video editing and other media-related work, and she has found them extremely reliable.  Also, yes, they do look nice, and that is a valid reason if it's not the only reason.

Who is right?  This might sound like sacrilege to many a nerd, but you know what?  I don't actually care.

"Now let's both say we're sorry and shake hands like grown-ups."

Both of them have different technology needs and preferences.  You can compare specs all you want; some people just find using certain cell phones, tablets, etc. more enjoyable.  Yes, there is a subset of Apple fans taking their enthusiasm to excessive levels, but I know some Samsung users who cling just as tightly to their devices as "anti-Apple" symbols.  What people often fail to realize is that these are mindsets; they don't directly correspond to product quality.

I don't use Apple products almost solely because of the cost (and because Mr. Nerd and I share most of our devices, so it makes sense to purchase what he will enjoy using as well).   If someone said "But it's worth the money," I'd have to disagree just because I've never had any problems with my non-Apple phones, mp3 players, and laptops, have liked using them, and don't see the point of paying more.  I'm certain that a few people on both sides of the "Apple vs. Non-Apple" debate would somehow make this statement into a long argument about how I'm not a "tech person" and explain in detail how whichever product they use is actually best, which I find rather amusing.  I'm not claiming to have loads of experience, but I know when my laptop/phone/other is doing what I need and want it to do.  So I usually don't buy Apple for those reasons.  If other people have had a bad experience with other brands or simply prefer Apple and have the money to spend, more power to them.  

Remember; everyone could still be lugging cassette players around.

As consumers, shouldn't we worry about what technology fits our individual lifestyles best rather than what logo is stamped on it?  Does this have to be so divisive?  You don't have to be an "Apple person" or a "Samsung person" or an "Android person" or a "Linux person" or dedicate yourself to any single brand name or operating system if you don't want to.  Why don't we just say "No" to putting people in crazy, neat little boxes according to what brand of phone they use?

I say go ahead- be a rebel; buy an iPhone and a Samsung computer... or don't buy either and get whatever appeals to you!  I'm not saying that we all need to gather around a campfire and sing "Kumbaya" together and never disagree, but can't we stop the petty fighting for one moment?

In the end, in the immortal words of Gus Portokalos, "We all different, but in the end, we all fruit."


  1. Definitely agree, DH is a supporter of OSS (which Woz is a big proponent of and used to create the foundation for Apple) but because Apple doesn't really fulfill the needs he has of most technology or he can fulfill for cheaper with other brands, and he doesn't like their copyright practices, neither of us own anything Apple (I just am annoyed by the interface system and the software I need for my program requires Linux or Windows.)

    1. Right, you just use what works best in your particular situation and what you like best! I don't mind at all if someone doesn't like Apple (I mean, it is my husband's opinion too, and I don't particularly mind him thinking it :-)) or Samsung et al., but I think it gets taken to extremes that aren't really necessary, and when people start berating others for not thinking X product is either the absolute best ever or the worst thing anyone could ever imagine, it gets a bit ridiculous and petty.