Sunday, May 25, 2014

Your Body Can't Be Reduced to Statistics.

Sometimes I look at the search queries that lead to my blog just for kicks.

an ark with most busty women
... Are most busty women in an ark?  Are the most busty among them in an ark?  The ark is a lie.

bulky busty nude boobs blogspot
... It's oddly specific but somehow still vague.

nerd boobs
... I think I mentioned on Facebook that my boobs have an honorary Ph.D. in Awesomeness.
Not even remotely close to my size, but... but... 

curvy woman. stocking. youtube.
... blogspot.  youtube.  different.

young firm busty eee woman
... I am very disturbed by this. "EEE" isn't a bra size.

actress boobs bra py
...  Py... thons?  Py... lons?  Py... ramids?


busty and don't know it
... You... don't?

busty christian women
... We do, in fact, exist.  We're also a group of people, not a fetish.

<3 Tess Munster.

But my main search term isn't one of these ridiculous queries which I suspect are hastily typed in search of websites quite different from my blog.

It's average size of a woman.

This depresses me, because I can guess what many of these people are trying to find.  I imagine there are legitimate reasons for looking this up, but I expect most often, they are trying to validate themselves.  People seem to balk at being called "average" in everyday life.  But being near the average in terms of weight/size seems to make many people feel... comfortable.  More secure.  And this bothers me.  If you are near the average weight for your height, and you feel good about your body, that's great.  That's not what I'm talking about.  It's when you feel good about it because you're near the average that a problem arises.  "Average" is just a statistical quantification.  By its very definition, 50% of people are below average and 50% of people are above average.  "Average" says nothing about the worth of someone's body.

Let's put aside the health trolls, the weight-loss supplement advertisements, the diet plans, and take a moment to stop focusing on "the norm" or "health" or "body ideals" and focus on how incredible it is to be unique.  Even the people who are near average in terms of weight have individual shapes, scars, freckles... the list goes on.   None of us, including identical siblings, is exactly alike.

You are the only person on Earth who looks like you.

And that is amazing.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thesaurus Thursday: "Kismet."

Today's word is "kismet," a noun meaning fate or destiny.

When I found a lone 30-band Freya Deco strapless bra in a department store among a sea of 32+ bands, I thought it was kismet, until I tried it on and remembered that the Deco shape does not work for me.
:-( :-( :-(
It works very well for a lot of people. though.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thesaurus Thursday: "Coulrophobia."

Today's word is "coulrophobia" (n.), or fear of clowns.

My coulrophobia is not due to the film It, but that movie certainly did not help.

(There will be no picture with this post, because clowns are scary.)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Thesaurus Thursday: "Arduous."

Hi!  Today's word is "arduous," an adjective meaning "difficult, exhausting, or formidable."

Mr. Nerd decided to embark upon the arduous, ambitious task of teaching me to play Dota 2.  

Image from

I currently spend most of my time fleeing and shouting, 
"Run away! Run away!"