Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thesaurus Thursday: "Rondure."

It's Thesaurus Thursday again, and today's word is "rondure," a noun signifying an arched, rounded line or object.  It can mean either circular, spherical, or gracefully curved.  The word comes from the French word "rondeur" ("roundness").

The clouds skidded across the night sky, tauntingly hiding and revealing the moon's bright rondure from the travelers. 

BODY NOTE: "Rondure" is often used in literature when describing the female form.  It is used when describing women of various sizes, just like the word "curvy."

If you can find a woman whose body is comprised of only angles, I will give you money (not much, alas, but money nonetheless). You can be slender and curvy, larger and curvy, small or plus-size and slim-hipped or smaller-chested, and all are beautiful and actually have some rondure! 

The next regular post on women and body image in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series will be up this weekend!

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