Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thesaurus Thursday: Outlandish Terminology in Place of Everyday Vocabulary!

Welcome to the first Thesaurus Thursday.  Learn new words, improve your English skills, and impress your friends (or be able to annoy them by sounding pretentious!).

Today's word is "abderian," an adjective meaning "given to foolish or incessant merriment." The word comes from the town of Abder, the Thracian home of the "Laughing Philosopher" Democritus.

*The partygoers were bewildered by the abderian hostess and wondered if she had one too many glasses of wine before realizing that her lengthy semi-amusing stories were just an expression of nerves.*

I hope you enjoyed Thesaurus Thursday.  The next regular blog post- The Appeal of Skyrim to a Nerdy Non-Gamer- will be up this weekend.

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