Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thesaurus Thursday: "Gobbledygook."/Blog Notes

Hi everyone!  Today's word is "gobbledygook," a noun meaning meaningless or nonsensical language.

I would have posted more over the last two weeks, but there was so much going on that I was afraid my posts would either be banal or full of gobbledygook.

(I decided to make "gobbledygook" today's word
because I'm tempted to buy this book.)

Blog Notes: I had planned this week to restart doing weekly "big" posts with Thesaurus posts in between.  When I stopped to consider it, however, I realized that from October through December every year, my life is put on "all systems go." So major updates might not happen exactly how I would like, although I will try to keep up with Thesaurus Thursdays.

Also, this month a group of bloggers has decided to have a "redefining sexy" theme that I wanted to be a part of, so a post will definitely be up in mid- to late- October.  I will try to link to all of the other bloggers' posts in that one as well!


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