Sunday, December 9, 2012

Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser.

Here is the new Star Trek teaser.

I will be a bit disappointed if it's not Khan, it's true.  At lease one other actor in the franchise says it's not, but other sites are all but screaming "Khaaaan!"  IMDB now has Benedict Cumberbatch as "Khan (rumored)."  I'm actually more tempted to believe Simon Pegg, considering Cumberbatch doesn't seem like Khan in the --albeit brief-- trailer.  I do hope I'm wrong, though.

Khan or not Khan aside, the teaser trailer is a bit disappointing.  It seems like a bit of a rip off of The Avengers to me.  That is not to say that I think the movie will be disappointing; there isn't enough footage for me to be able to tell that.  Many people watching the 1 minute 6 second montage, though, insist that "THIS ISNT STAR TREK.  J. J. ABRAMS YOUR RUINING IT" (in typical YouTube comment style).  The first film was great, so I would think that Into Darkness at least has the potential to be great. I know that's not often Hollywood's style when making second films in franchises, but it does happen.

I'm not exactly a Trekkie, but I'm not even sure what these kinds of comments mean.  Why isn't it Star Trek?  And how is he ruining it?  How can you tell from a minute-long teaser?  I'm actually very curious to know the answer to these questions, if anyone can enlighten me.  Is Abrams truly ruining a classic series, or are people taking their die-hard fandom to unrealistic/unreasonable extremes?

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